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Transform your Understanding of your Audience with Advanced AI-Powered Persona Generation

Empower Your Business with AI-Driven Persona Generation and Audience Insights

Unlock the power of AI-driven persona generation and audience insights. From comprehensive data integration to actionable recommendations, PersonaForge provides the tools and capabilities you need to drive meaningful outcomes for your business.

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Seamless Data Integration, Tailored Personas, and Actionable Insights

Persona Design seamlessly collects and integrates customer data from multiple sources, customizes personas to your specific needs, and generates actionable insights to fuel your business strategies. 

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"I really liked the fact that it required limited data from us"

Marketing Manager

"It took away any element of subjectivity. So we could have quite a rational conversation about everything without any personal preferences creeping in"

Marketing Manager

"There's absolutely no doubt that the start points are vastly more interesting"


"I don't think we would have come up with these kind of routes if we just been doing it in the traditional way."


"Working in an incubator on new innovation, we have loads and loads of different ideas, and we need to find a way to quickly prioritise and work out whats got potential, this process was really appealing"

Innovation Manager

"I think the only thing we probably would have done differently would be to initiate the process at the very inception of the idea"

Product Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers regarding our product.

We have worked with partners at both extremes in regard to data quantity; either they have very little data and need us to provide the insight, or they have so much data that it becomes virtually impenetrable to any marketing and design team. In both cases, we will work with you to find the most appropriate data to create for your personas.

Yes, the AI-generated Personas can be customised according to specific requirements and characteristics of your audience.

The Personas can be shared across teams through the tool. It ensures effective collaboration by aligning everyone’s understanding of your audience, guided by the insights and feedback from the AI-generated Personas.

While Persona Design can provide valuable insights into the target audience, it does not completely replace focus groups or other forms of qualitative research. Focus groups allow businesses to gather in-depth feedback from a group of participants in a controlled environment, which can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the target audience. Persona Design can be seen as a complementary tool to focus groups and other qualitative research methods, as it can help businesses quickly test their market strategy with their target audience and provide insights into the audience’s behaviour and preferences. These insights can be used to streamline strategies for more detailed user research, making the studies more focused.

Once your Persona is set up you can ask it questions and query it in multiple different ways. This will return insights that are based on your Personas ‘knowledge’ allowing you to quickly see the concept from the perspective of your audience.

Email us at hello@persona.design to say you are interested in taking part and we’ll get back to you with a few questions to make sure we are a good fit. Or, if you have any other questions drop us an email there and we’d be happy to help!

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